The Power Of Joining Together

Have you ever been part of a peaceful protest or parade? Remember that feeling when everyone around you was energized with the same passion for change as you? Someone understood your concerns and you understood theirs.

Join Me Join Us is about carrying that excitement, passion, unity, and commitment around causes for social good that we feel when we’re together and miss when we’re not.

We know change needs to happen. First we need to connect. Join your voice to ours. Let’s be one voice for all causes for good in life for all. Sure we’re all different and we believe in a variety of different causes, but coming to the table is what’s most important.

It’s easy!

Step 1 – Use your social media and in 5 words share what you want changed.

Step 2 – Use #joinmejoinus and #5wctc along with your favorite hastags

You can even tag people.

Share your voice. Join me. Join us.